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A Moment's Musing [Dec. 25th, 2008|07:08 pm]
Sometimes I wonder if the entire concept of self-harm is as simple as just attempting to externalize some sort of emotion.  Artists do it all the time.  Pain, joy, sadness, ecstasy...it's not usual to find paintings and writings acting as mediums for these feelings.  Is self-harm just another canvas?  And what more personal canvas can one possess than her own body? 

You hurt and hurt and hurt and more often than not, if you have control over your expression, people honestly can't tell you're suffering.  There are external tells such as one's attitude or what-not, but none of that is such an effective medium as the externalization of emotion from inside one's mind to her own body.

The whole concept is fascinating.  It makes you wonder why people look at cutters and such and can only come up with such useless terms as "pathetic."