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Mandatory Emo Poem - Self-Inflicted Cruelty [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Mandatory Emo Poem [Jan. 6th, 2009|07:20 pm]
This is just me pretending I can be artistic.


In the shattered shards of my mirror
I can still see your smile
In the soft rustle of the leaves
I can still hear your laughter
forever haunting me
Why did you leave me behind
in this shadow world
beyond the broken mirror
Why didn't you hold me close
and take me with you
Why didn't you keep a grip
and never leave me alone
Your blood stains my hands
like your memory stains my mind
You had been my hopes, my dreams
Now I leave in their remains
Your sin I'll never forgive
In the darkness of your shadow
I must live
You had been the sun to my moon
I had only been a reflection of you
Why did you leave me behind
In these arms you died
In these arms I died
Did you stop and think
before you took that step
did you stop and think
that when you sacrificed you
you sacrificed me too