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I would make a great alcoholic [Jan. 19th, 2009|10:32 pm]
Another day, another day, another day.  Another day of fruitless rage and frustration and complete aimlessness.  I want to tear someone apart, feel the flesh give under my fingers, feel someone bleed.  You can always tell a Monday.

Christianity has to be among the most baffling of religions.  If a religion can be in the closet, Christianity would be.  Has any Christian ever thought really deeply on the meaning of a prayer?  Toss a coin, make a wish: that's a prayer.  It's too deep -- you can't understand it.  Denial much?  Hiding much?  When you can't answer something, always toss that in : it's beyond mortal comprehension.

Fucking pussies.

And I love hearing women defend Christianity.  Have any of you ever actually read the bible?  Go on.  Tell me it's female-friendly.  I need a laugh.

I suppose it makes sense that one of the most well-known Christian novels revolves around vanishing into closets.